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Status as of 13th May 2022: Over the last few months we have been struggling to get credible information out of Openreach, but today Henry and I managed to have an online meeting with the manager in charge of this project, and we now believe we have an accurate picture of the current status.

Openreach have told us that, contrary to the email that most of us will have recieved recently, they are not able to apply for an extension to our vouchers (as the scheme under which they were issued is closed). However, they are confident that we will be able to apply for new vouchers under the replacement scheme. They may need to wait until the current vouchers have lapsed before they are able to apply for the new ones. Please look out for an email inviting you to apply for a new voucher.

We understand that Openreach will also be inviting people who pledged but did not get around to validating their voucher last time around. Openreach have assured us that the project will go ahead in parallel with the voucher process.

There have been a couple of cost issues (thankfully now resolved) and a number of technical issues - but these will require further road closures in order to resolve. As each road closure requires 3 months notice, every unforseen road closure results in a further 3 month delay. Openreach have promised to give us a realistic finish date (not yet received), but we think it will be late summer before the first houses are connected. Looking on the bright side, at least the project is still going ahead, and with the full original scope.

Final connection

Just to remind you of the process to get connected once Openreach have completed the infrastructure:

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